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You Gotta

Title: you gotta
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: dean/adam
Disclaimer: (well you tell them it's not true.) it's not true. (is that true? / no, it's not true. / ah ha!)
Summary: We can't continue with this sort of cat and mouse game that has characterized the relationship. - Jon Kyl
Notes: x-posted @ adamwinchester
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Kisses (chapter one)

 A/N: So this will probably suck. I just felt the urge to write Adam/Dean. The “Other” Wincest. And I don’t believe that I’m skilled enough to actually showcase the essence of the Supernatural characters. So…yeah. Also, the chapters won’t be overly long. And there probably won’t be very many of them. This was supposed to be a one-shot.

WARNING: May suck
PAIRING: Dean and Adam

When Adam kisses Dean for the first time, it takes the older man by surprise. He pulls away and shoves his half-brother across the room. They’re related. They’re flesh and blood. This can’t happen.
“What the FUCK?” he yells. And the look on Adam’s face makes him think of a kicked puppy and he kind of regrets it.
“Adam, you shouldn’t be here.” Those are his parting words as he pushes himself up off the crappy motel bed, springs creaking, and walks to the bathroom, slamming the door behind himself. He stares into the mirror, and those haunted green eyes stare back at him. Sam’s out. He went to get food. Dean’s beginning to think that Adam sent Sam away just to get some alone time with Dean. And he KNOWS he shouldn’t be thinking that. It’s mean and unfair. But he wonders just how long Adam’s been waiting to kiss him.

He splashes cold water on his face, takes a deep breath, and sets his hands on either side of the sink, his head hanging low, tension visible in the lines of his shoulders and neck. And the reason he had reacted so strongly was because he had wanted to kiss the younger man back. Adam whose wit and sarcasm was purely Dean and whose brains were purely Sam. Adam whose blue-grey eyes were expressive and beautiful. Adam with his still young features, messy blonde hair. Adam. His half-brother. And Dean wouldn’t. No, he COULDN’T do that to Adam. It wouldn’t be fair. Dean was older. Wiser. Adam had potential that Dean didn’t. Adam didn’t have to be here hunting with them, he shouldn’t have to be here hunting with them. He should be in college. Becoming a doctor or some shit. And Dean? Dean believed it was his fault that Adam was here with them. And that? He couldn’t get over that. He had ruined Adam’s life. And for that? He wouldn’t ruin it more by kissing him back.


Adam sits at the tiny table in the motel room, rubbing his shoulder. Dean’s shove had hurt, in more ways than one. He should’ve known. Should’ve known Dean wouldn’t want him here, should’ve known Dean wouldn’t have kissed him back. Everything about Adam was repulsive to Dean. At least…that’s what Adam assumed. Seeing as Dean was still in the washroom, door closed and most likely locked.

Sam had kind of clued into the fact that something was going on with Adam and Dean. He looked at Adam, those dark eyes searching and intuitive.
“I’m going to go get us some dinner. When I get back, I expect you and Dean to have talked shit out.” He said, before grabbing the keys to the Impala and leaving. Adam had wanted to run after him saying “NO. DON’T.” because Adam was nervous. And, like the rest of the Winchester boys, didn’t “talk.” That and he knew that Dean had no room for chick flick moments.

He hadn’t been with them for long, a couple weeks at most. Enough to be kind of okay at hunting. But a short enough time that he was still inexperienced, still a little bit green at the whole thing. Shooting lessons had been arranged, but in a short period of time, Dean stopped teaching him and Sam started. Adam just assumed Dean had no patience for him. And he pretended it didn’t hurt. He could leave them. But he really didn’t want to. He’d been “missing” for months now. But he was with family. They were the only family that he had…with his mom being killed and all. He was lucky to have made it out alive. He was lucky that Dean and Sam wanted him. Well…Dean he wasn’t sure about. But at least Sam enjoyed having him around. Someone to do research with.


Sam had been gone for half an hour. More than enough time to let Adam and Dean have their little talk. He didn’t know what it was about, assumed that it was about why Adam thought Dean hated him. But Sam knew better. Sam may appear oblivious. He may appear a little bit dense. But when Dean asked Sam to help Adam with shooting, he had started to catch onto what was going on. He wasn’t going to judge them. No. It wasn’t his place. Besides, they weren’t ever around one place long enough to find more than solace in a quick lay. So if Adam and Dean fell in love, ended up being happy together, then who was he to ruin that. It wouldn’t be just or fair of them. He knew JOHN wouldn’t reply well to the whole thing. But Sam wasn’t John. And Sam knew that some people needed what they needed.

He parked the Impala and turned it off, the flash of lights and sudden silence should be enough of an indicator to Adam and Dean that he was home. But for safe measure, he knocked once before opening the door.
“Brought McDonalds,” he said with a grin. He might as well have been talking to a graveyard. Dean was sprawled on the bed, coolly ignoring Adam, staring at Bugs Bunny reruns on the television. Adam was sitting in a chair at the tiny table, his finger tracing the grain of the wood. The expression on his face was shuttered. Yup. He was sure a GREAT conversation had taken place.

Dean didn’t even glance up from the television, too enthralled by the cartoon violence. Or at least pretending to be. And Adam was pretending not to stare at Dean. Sam dropped the bag of food on the table and slammed his hand down. Adam jumped and turned to face Sam. His smoky blue eyes were sad. Lips downturned. He had that kicked puppy look on his face.
“Thanks,” he said softly. No quips, no sarcasm.
“Took you long enough,” Dean said, rolling off the bed. He gave Adam a wide berth and dug into the bag, pulling out a bacon cheeseburger and fries. He sat opposite of Adam, but didn’t make eye contact with the younger man. Sam rolled his eyes and shoved food towards Adam before taking out his own. Leave it to Dean to be an insensitive bastard.
“Yeah, well I crashed the Impala into some garbage cans. Spilled some beer in it, you know, the regular.” Sam said with a grin. Dean paused, and fixed Sam with a dark glare.
“Relax. I was just kidding,” Sam said, shaking his head. It was so easy to rile his brother up.
Adam just sat eating his food in silence.
“Adam. What’s wrong?” Sam asked.
“Nothing important,” he said. Sam gave Dean a pointed look. Dean just shrugged and returned to shoving fries in his face. Sam rolled his eyes and was about to speak when Adam pushed his chair away from the table.
“I think I’m going to take a shower before I go to sleep,” He said.
“G’night bro,” Dean said through a mouthful of burger.
“See you tomorrow Adam,” Sam said with a reassuring smile.
“Yeah.” Adam said, smiling weakly, before pulling the door that connected their rooms open and stepping into his own place. Sam was going to change that. He was going to take the room to himself next time. The tension between Dean and Adam was thick enough to cut.

Dean threw out the garbage from their hasty dinner and stood up.
“I’m probably going to crash too.” He said, forcing a yawn.
“Oh no you’re not. What did you do Dean?” Sam asked. Dean rolled his eyes and stretched.
“I didn’t do anything. I don’t know why you’re blaming this on me. Mind your own business,” Dean snapped.
“Dean. I’m your brother. Talk to me.”
“Remember what I said about no chick flick moments. Yeah? You’re not turning this into one. Ask Adam if you’re really so curious,” he snapped. He flopped back onto the bed, not bothering to remove his clothes, simply kicking off his boot and pulling the covers over himself. The mattress was uncomfortable, the springs digging into his body.
“We’re not done talking about this Dean,” Sam said, sitting down on the other bed. Dean chuckled.
“Yes, we are, Sam. Go to sleep.” Dean said. It was an order, not a request.
“Fine Dean. But I will find out sooner or later.”

When the room was dark and the numbers on the clock read two o’clock AM, Dean stared up at the ceiling.
“He kissed me,”
And from the dark, lying on his bed, Sam smiled. Adam had more balls than Sam gave him credit for.
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Beyond All Repair [6/?] NC-17

Title: Beyond All Repair [6/?]
Author: alakewood
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Adam
Warnings: Wincest. PWP.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1600
Summary: Dean and Adam haven't been together without something else factoring in. This time, it's just them and Adam knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it.
Disclaimer: As always, I own nothing.
A/N: I've had writer's block like woah with this story for a long time, but inspiration finally struck. I substituted any type of plot development with porn, though. Hope you don't mind...

Love In a Motel Bed (Oneshot)

Title - Love in a Motel Bed.
Rating – NC/17
Warnings – Language, Slash
Pairing – Dean/Adam
Summary – Dean never planned for it to happen...
Disclaimer - All characters and original plots belong to Eric Kripke and The CW. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count - 701 approx

Author Notes - This story has not been beta'd. I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors.

I'm having major writers block for my series, so this oneshot happened as a result. Sorry.

Love in a Motel Bed

Feeling [Part Four]

Title - Feeling [Part Four]
Rating – R
Warnings – Language, Schmoop.
Pairing – Dean/Adam
Summary – Adam just wanted to feel something...
Disclaimer - All characters and original plots belong to Eric Kripke and The CW. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count - 2,945 approx

Author Notes - This story has not been beta'd. I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors.

First off, i want to say sorry for the delay! But I've spent the last two months investing all my time in getting my university application forms done. Now that's all wrapped up i can, and i want to get on with this story. Recently Dean/Adam has replaced Sam/Dean has my otp so you can probably expect the next part soon.

Secondly, as you can see, i've moved journal. All of my Dean/Adam fics/ficlets will be hosted at cristinasfics All will be unlocked so no need to join, unless you want too of course.

Adam could barley find the strength within himself to open his eyes. Everything was a blur. He opened his mouth to speak but the words didn’t come out. His body ached, his chest hurt, his skin stung. His mind was racing to remember how he’d ended up in this pain.
SPNJA: Jensen; Dean; Jacket

Adam Prompt Meme


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